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Introduction Opportunities Departmental Activities Lab Facilities Faculty Members

The vision of the H&S Department is

  • To achieve excellence in teaching, training and research in the areas of humanities and social sciences.
  • To prepare professional leaders to address the emerging global challenges and to deal with social and business realities.


For attainment of its vision, the Department

  • teaches humanities and social sciences to potential scientists, engineers, managers, and lawyers, and offers masters programmes in economics and human resource management.
  • undertakes research in the broad and emerging areas of humanities and social sciences including English Literature and Communication, Economics, German, Philosophy, Psychology, Human Resource Management, and Sociology.
  • generates and disseminates knowledge to the larger community through education/training.
  • executes outreach programmes.

To lay basic profound foundations to Engineering education by inculcating the principles of Applied Physics,Mathematical Applications & Methods, basic Communication Skills of English, Presentation and Soft Skills that help the technical students to comprehend thoroughbred the core Engineering subjects enabling them to obtain scintillating careers in their respective disciplines.


We have conducted campus interviews with big companies such as Google,Broadcom,Xilinx,KLA-Tencor etc and provided a great career base to all of our students. this campus interviews program will be taken care and monitored by our special placement cell.

Departmental Activities

Birthday of William Shakespeare was celebrated on a grand scale on April 23rd 2011 in the campus with distinguished guests of honour, and all the HODs staff and students. Competitions like Essay Writing, Jam Sessions, Rapid Fire rounds were conducted as a part of these celebrations. The winners of these competitions were given prizes by the guests of honour. This was just a small tribute to the greatest playwright, paid by the college. Students are encouraged to participate in many more such events and competitions to remember such inspiring people.

Lab Facilities

H & S department well equiped with the Following Labs.

1. Engineering Chemistry Lab:

Engineering chemistry laboratory practices exclusively introduces concepts in a concise way and is of paramount importance. Describes the quantitative analysis and estimations of the compounds of general interest to the engineers. Techniques such as PH meter, potentionmeter, conductometer, calorimeter and estimation of hardness of water, experiments used in industry will be done. Includes with all subject relevant matter, equations and additional information.

2. Engineering physics Lab:

This lab provides the basic knowledge to all students who belong to different branches in engineering.

3. English Language Communication Skills Lab:

It is said that face is the index of mind and eyes are the windows of soul. These are after all, time-tested words of wisdom and are applicable to the people of all the ages. ELCS lab equips students to have a cutting edge with regard to Excellent English software for further improving the communication skills and perform in interviews.

Faculty Members
Head of the Department
Name: Mr.S. Krishna Profile
Designation:Associate Professor & HOD
Education: M.Sc,B.Ed.
Address: Nagole Institute of Technology & Science
Tel|Fax numbers: tel---
Mobile number:+91-9866272396
Faculty List:
SnoFaculty NameDesignation QualificationPhoto
01.M. Ramesh Associate ProfessorM.Sc.,M.Ed.
02.N. Madhavi Latha Associate ProfessorM.Sc.
03.K. Dhanunjaya RaoAsst. ProfessorM.Sc, B.Ed, FET
04.G. Sampath KumarAsst. ProfessorM.Sc.,B.Ed.
05.D. PitchaiahAsst. ProfessorM.Sc.,B.Ed.
06.S. KalyaniAsst. ProfessorM.Sc.
07.Mohd. Jahangir PashaAsst. ProfessorM.Sc
08.V. Suzan ShaliniAsst. ProfessorM.A,M.B.A,B.Ed.
09. V. Revathi Asst. ProfessorM.A,M.H.R.M,B.Ed.
10.D.S. SangeethaAsst. ProfessorM.A
11.T. Anjaneya PrasadAsst. ProfessorM.A.
12.G. Mohan ReddyAsst. ProfessorM.A.,B.Ed.
13.K.C. Susan MahlaAsst. ProfessorM.A.,B.Ed.
14.G. LaxmanAsst. ProfessorM.A.,B.Ed.
15.Akbar MohammadAsst. ProfessorM.Sc.
16.J. SahajaAsst. ProfessorM.Sc.
17.M. Ayyapa ReddyAsst. ProfessorM.Sc.
18.A. Siva Kumar Reddy Asst. ProfessorM.Sc.
19.M.Yogendra Asst. ProfessorM.Sc.
20.B.Shekar Asst. ProfessorM.Sc.
21.T.Satyanarayana Asst. ProfessorM.Sc., B.Ed.
22.M.Sravan Kumar Asst. ProfessorM.Sc., B.Ed.
23.S.Krishna Assoc. Professor & HODM.Sc.,B.Ed.
24.G.Praveen Asst. ProfessorM.Sc.
25.B.Shankarachary Asst. ProfessorM.Sc.
26.P.Ramanja Reddy Asst. ProfessorM.Sc.
27.P. Geethika Prathyusha Asst. ProfessorM.Sc.
28.E. Naga Lakshmi Asst. ProfessorM.Sc.
29.P. Sangeetha Asst. ProfessorM.Sc.
30.K.Eswar Rao Asst. ProfessorM.Sc.
31.Muniraju Asst. ProfessorM.Sc.,(Ph.D)
32.Y.Srinivas ReddyAsst. ProfessorM.Com,MBA.
33.M.VenkateshamAsst. ProfessorM.Com.
34.J.SandeepAsst. ProfessorM.B.A.
35.G. SatyanarayanaLibrarianM.A.,M.Lib.Sc.,M.Phill
36.G.GopalPhy. DirectorM.P.Ed.