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Introduction Opportunities Departmental Activities Lab Facilities Faculty Members

Training the students to become well disciplined and knowledgeable in the field of Computer Science and Engineering


Department mission is to make innovative thinking engineers and to produce skilled software engineers. The department of Computer Science and Engineering has progressed with a strong determination to developing competent programs, uncompromising in standards. The department has full fledged faculty members with experience in industry and teaching, which leads the students to get employment in the market. The department encourages the faculty members and the students to participate paper presentations, seminars, workshops and National and International conferences.


To propagate and disseminate knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering discipline to the society through the student and faculty. To encourage students to serve social causes by Application of their specialized knowledge paving way to Better life for Humanity. To promote the concept of lifelong learning among faculty members


We have conducted campus interviews with big companies such as IBM, TCS, etc and provided a great career base to all of our students. this campus interviews program will be taken care and monitored by our special placement cell.

Departmental Activities

The department encourages the faculty members to undertake research activities. The department is equipped with state-of-art laboratories and the computers have sophisticated development software tools. The department provides training to its students in advanced technologies like .NET, FLEX, Data Warehousing, Data Mining tools and Data storage systems as a supplement to the curriculum to enhance the employability of students. The department conducted various workshops with collaboration of JKC, IBM, Infosys, Emc2. Our senior faculty members are the members of Computer Society of India, ISTE, IEEE

Lab Facilities

The department has a number of well equipped laboratories and provides excellent facilities for learning. All computer labs and server are supported by robust and relies UPS system with backup. In addition the labs are supported by a generator and centralized AC is provided for all laboratories. Availability of computer systems to all the students at 1:1 ratio. Centralized A/C for all the labs and all the systems are connected to LAN and has the facility to browse Internet.  All labs are powered through UPS system 5 KVA - UPS systems - 2 no’s 10KVA - UPS systems - 3no’s and 125 KVA Generator facility for uninterrupted power supply. Videoconference kit for Guest lecturers and Digital library facility is provided through APSONET. E-Classroom equipped with L.C.D. projector and facility of watching MANATV. Central computing labs with high configuration systems with web cam’s and 24 hours Internet access. Labs like A DBMS Lab, C/C++,OOP Lab ,Visual Programming Labs and IT Workshop Lab are equipped with sophisticated facilities and latest software


Platforms - Windows 2000, serve pack 1&2, Fedora Advance version, UNIX, Linux, Novell Netware with Proxy Server.
RDBMS - Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server, MS Access, DB2, MYSQL
Languages - C, C++, Java, ASP, COBOL, LISP, Fortran, Pascal, Perl, MASM
Other-iPlanet Web server, IBM Suite, Lotus Notes Domino (Windows Environment), IBM Suite, MSDN Professional Edition, Rational Rose Enterprise Suite, 3ds Max Studio, Scada, Embedded System Development Software (KEIL). MSDN Academic kit.

The Departments has the following laboratories

  • Computer Programming in C Lab
  • Object Oriented Programming Lab
  • Data Structures Through C++ Lab
  • IT workshop Lab
  • Database Management Systems Lab
  • Operating Systems Lab
  • Design Analysis of Algorithms Lab
  • Computer Networks Lab
  • Software Engineering Lab
  • Cryptography and Network Security Lab
  • Web Technologies Lab
  • Linux programming Lab
  • Data Warehousing & Mining Lab

Faculty Members
Head of the Department
Name:Mr. S. Sree Hari RajuProfile
Designation:Assistant Professor & HOD
Education: M.Tech,(Ph.D.)
Address: Nagole Institute of Technology & Science
Tel|Fax numbers: tel---
Mobile number:+91-9951461662
Faculty List:
SnoFaculty NameDesignation QualificationPhoto
01.Dr.N. SatyanarayanaProfessor & PrincipalM.Tech,Ph.D,MISTE.
02.Dr. G. Akilarasu Assoc.ProfessorM.Tech,Ph.D
03.S. Sree Hari RajuAsst. Professor & HODM.Tech.(Ph.D)
04.M. Naresh Choudary Asst. ProfessorM.Tech.
05.P. SireeshaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech.
06.K. SadanandamAsst. ProfessorM.Tech.
07.Firdose FathimaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech.
08.Shiva Rama KrishnaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech.
09.G. ChandeeshwarAsst. ProfessorM.Tech.
10.M. Naveen KumarAsst. ProfessorM.Tech.
11.P. MallikaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech.
12.B. SureshAsst. ProfessorM.Tech.
13.B. NareshAsst. ProfessorM.Tech.
14.N. AshwiniAsst. ProfessorM.Tech.
15.K. SushmaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech.
16.CH. NarasimhaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech.
17.A. RajuAsst. ProfessorM.Tech.
18.M.SreelathaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech.
Non Teaching Staff:
SnoFaculty NameDesignation QualificationPhoto
01.M. Ravi KumarProgrammerB.Tech.
02.S. Pranay ChandraProgrammerB.Tech.
03.G. BharathProgrammerM.Tech.