Exam Branch

The Exam Branch was started functioning from the inception of the college i.e., in 2009.College Examination branch is being headed by Prof. N.SATYANARAYANA as a Chief Superintendent of the Exams with supporting faculty in charges. The main focus of the branch is to run the academics smoothly by conducting internal examinations in-time and keeping a great effort in conducting the university examinations effectively.

The Rules Followed by Exam Branch:

  1. To oversee the smooth conduct of J.N.T. University & Mid Exams of their respective sub-committee programmes.
  2. To assist in the preparation and distribution of circular to all the faculty members informing them to prepare the question papers one week in advance before the start of MID-EXAMS.
  3. To ensure that all the faculty members have submitted the question papers before the specified date & time.
  4. To assist in the preparation & assignment of invigilators duties to the faculty members.
  5. To assist in the distribution of question papers & main answer sheet pads and receiving the same on the day of the examination.
  6. To monitor & ensure that invigilation duties are carried out by the faculty members as per the guidelines specified by the J.N.T.U. University.
  7. To assist in the uploading of internal marks to the J.N.T.U. Portal.
  8. To assist in the Online Registration of examination details at the J.N.T.U. Exam Portal.
  9. To ensure that all the Exam related documents reach the university before the specified deadline.

All the Exams Committee Members are required to discharge their duties with utmost sincerity and integrity.

Exam Branch Staff

Name Designation
Mr.Dr.N. Satyanarayana Chief Superintendent
Mr.Dr.K. SRINIVASA REDDY Asst.Chief Superintendent
Mr.Md. Jahangir Pasha Convenor
Mr.K. Nithin Kumar Member